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LegalNet Online Reporting Tool

LegalNet provides an array of data reports that provide valuable insights and metrics into litigation costs. Using our very own proprietary software we extract data from Attorney invoices to be analyzed and mined. Customers can perform in-depth analysis of litigation costs and savings within seconds.

Our intuitive and user friendly design lets users quickly find and export reports into different file formats including PDF, Excel, Word, and Tiff.

LegalNet's Online Reporting Tool utilizes modern web technologies to deliver reports viewable on multi-browsers via PC, MAC, Tablet, or Smart-Phone.

Reports data is encrypted and hosted on the most secure and modern Cloud technologies available. The security of our data is a priority.

Reporting Styles

Preview our featured reports.


Provides a full understanding of your current legal bill costs and the savings provided by LegalNet.


A drill down capable tool to examine and analysis the details of attorney invoices and categorized data.


Charts, Graphs, and Plots presentations to quickly develop current litigation costs and future projections.

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